Julia_VarsanoThe music critic Ms. Julia Hristova founded the New Symphony Orchestra in 1991 as an alternative to the existing musical institutions financially supported and controlled by the state. During the years since it was founded the New Symphony Orchestra has produced a cultural model of its own and has created a Society of Friends, dedicated to the welfare of this cultural institution, which is unique in Bulgaria. Julia Hristova's Concert House, opened in 1990, served as a basis on which the Orchestra was founded. This House had its own unique system of organizing and financing the orchestra and working with its young musicians. According to the words of its founder, Julia Hristova, "We worked not to survive but to create."


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He was born in Sofia. He studied clarinet at the State Musical Academy, Sofia under Prof. Sava Dimitrov. In 1992-93 he took master classes at the Conservatoire, Paris, and during the period 1993-94 he continued his studying at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh.

He won his first prize at the National Competition for Young Musicians in 1983. In 1990 Borislav Yotzov was granted forth prize at the International “Prince Philip” Contest, Belgium. Since 1991 he has been appointed first clarinetist of the New Symphony Orchestra, later he become a principal guest soloist. Borislav Yotzov performed all over the world - Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Brazil.... After finishing the Musical Academy he was appointed second clarinet at the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since 1995 he has been Professor at the National Music School and the National Music Academy. Mr. Yotzov is not only performing musician and teacher but also a composer. His compositions have been performed in Bulgaria and France.

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